Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oct. 2 The True Story of the Pony Express and the Christian Men who Started it all

Due to the last class being filled and some families not able to get in, Ranger Bruce is offering a repeat of this class.  Thank you Ranger Bruce!  Contact him directly if interested.

Could you please let your families know about this special class in October. I would be grateful. 

October 2nd  - The True Story of the Pony Express and the Christian Men Who Started It All - Howdy partners. Come along with Ranger Bruce and learn about the Pony Express and the amazing things that happened to them. The mail was delivered to Sacramento from St. Joseph, Mo. Believe it or not mail got through in 10 days. Men and boys risked their lives to get the mail past the Indians, buffalo stampedes, and prairie fires. I will teach you about one very famous 11 year old boy from right here in Sacramento who rode for the Pony Express. You will want to learn all about him. Many of the riders went on to become world famous. Some joined up with Buffalo Bill to travel the world. You will learn about the young girl named “Little Miss Sure Shot” and some of her incredible marksmanship. Yep, you guessed it, Annie Oakley. Cost - $35.00 per family. Meet in front of the Railroad Museum – Old town Sacramento. Time 10:00 – 12:00.  To sign up for the wonderful class, first contact Ranger Bruce to make sure there is room Bruce - .
Then send a check to Bruce. Email for the address please. Then you’re all set.
Each family will receive a “1960” Pony Express Centennial postage stamp. This is a 55 year old stamp in mint condition (never been used) yours free for being part of this class. (A $12.00 value) Also young girls will receive from Ranger Bruce, a playing card shot threw the center and autographed by Annie Oakley herself. Reproduced by the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show 1884. (Priceless)

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