Thursday, December 28, 2017

Brekke Art Classes

Beginning and Intermediate Drawing and Watercolor Courses

For Home/Charter Students and Adults (12 years - Adult)
(Charter vouchers: Sutter, VIE, Inspire, Horizon, and CORE)
12-week courses meet on Wednesdays (Day and Eve classes) and Thursdays (Day only)
Classes meet once per week for 2 1/2 hours each
Classes held in Roseville/Placer County
Classes start early February. Class sizes are limited and some fill up quickly.
Visit the web site to see courses, instructor's portfolio, student exhibit, and testimonials.      916.704.3262

Kingdom Builders Spring 2018 Schedule

SPRING SCHEDULE begins January 22nd!
Spring 2018 Class Schedule
We do have a few spaces left!  Don't miss out, reserve your spot today!
**Remember, if your student is in a year long class you must sign them up to reserve their spot for the Spring semester.**

We will be closed December 25th through January 1st for the holidays.
Fall Classes resume Monday, January 8th
Store Hours
Just a reminder of our Bookstore hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM-4PM and Fridays 10AM-3PM.


Kingdom Builder offers a wide variety of both core and elective classes for students of all ages.  Our mission is to teach a Christian world view in all subjects. 

Elementary students can enjoy hands-on classes such as LEGO Engineering, Art, Slot-Car Racing, and Chess.  Parents and students will enjoy the Writing, History and Science classes, as the students master essential concepts.

We hold our Jr/Sr High school students to a high standard to ensure that they have mastered their core subjects. All of our Jr High and High School courses are graded and can easily be used for transcripts.

Brighter Child Class Schedule

Class Schedule
Classes begin Week of January 29, 2017, and end May 2018
(Note: Class start and end dates vary - see course descriptions for individual start/end dates)
(Registration Form for ALL Classes is located in column at left)
10:30-11:45Real-World Web Coding  Gr. 5-12 (15 Wks) $450 Info            (1/29-5/21)                      
Stem Challenge With Lego Gr 1-6 *Requires Separate Registration: contact to register    
 Photography/Photojournalism  Gr 6-12 (14 Wks) 
$185      Info      (1/29-5/14)              
 Physics of Flight  Gr 4-9 (4 Wks)  $50 
 Info       (Session 1: 1/29-2/26)   
Physics of Flight Gr. 4-9 (4 Wks) $50  
 Info      (Session 1: 3/5-3/26)           
Graphic Design  Gr 6-12 (14 Wks) $185 Info   
Advanced Photography (Photo 2)  Gr 9-12 (14 Wks)
$185  Info      (1/29-5/14)
How to Draw Superheroes, Part 1 Gr. 6-12 (7Wks) $175   Info            (Session 1: 1/29-3/19)
4:30-6:00How to Draw Superheroes, Part 2 Gr 6-12 (7 Wks) $175 Info      (Session 2: 3/26-5/14)           
Real-World Web Coding  Gr 5-12  (15 Wks) $450  
Info           (1/30-5/15)
11:00-11:45Tadpoles: Shapes, Numbers, Science PreK-K (7 Wks) $196 + Req. Kit       Info           (3/13-5/18)

Li'l Hands Science Labs Gr K-2 (7 Weeks)
$210       Info                (3/13-5/1)
Practice With Fractions  Gr. 4-6 (8 Weeks) 
$105      Info                   (1/30-3/20)
Practice With Decimals Grades 4-8 (8 Weeks) 
$105      Info               (3/27-5/22)                
2:00-3:00Writing Brigade: (Sess. 3) Literature Battalion  Gr 6-8 (8 Wks) $120   Info     (1/30-3/20)                   
Writing Brigade: (Sess. 4) Shakespear Commando
 Gr 6-8 (8 Wks) $120    Info           (3/27-5/22)    
World Geography - Europe Gr 5-8  (8 Weeks)
$105   Info            (1/30-3/20)
World Geography - New World Gr. 5-8 (8 Wks)
$105   Info                 (3/27-5/22)
4:00-5:30How To Draw Superheroes, Part 1  Gr 6-12 (7 Wks) $175  Info          (Session 1: 1/30-3/20)
4:00-5:30How to Draw Superheroes, Part 2, Gr 6-12 (7Wks) $175   Info         (Session 2: 3/27-5/15)
Real-World Web Coding  Gr. 5-12 (15 Weeks) 
$450    Info                         (1/31-5/16)
    Apologia Science Classes  Open Info
 Note: All Apologia Science Classes are year-long and currently in session. Registered through Sharon Ubis at
10:00-11:00                        By the Great Horn Spoon Literature Study Gr 3-7
(7 Weeks) $85  Info           (2/1-3/15)
10:00-11:00Stuart Little Literature Study Gr 3-5 (7 Weeks)
$85   Info          (3/22-5/10)                      
10:15-11:45Electronics + Coding Gr. 5-12 (7 Wks) $350   Info     (2/1-3/22)
10:15-11:45Electronics + Coding Gr 5-12 (7 Wks) $350  Info      (3/29-5/17)              
11:00 - 12:00Story of the World - Middle Ages  Gr 2-7(15 Weeks)$180  Info              (2/1-5/17)
12:15-1:15Jr. Boom Science Labs Gr 3-5 (9 Weeks)
$224   Info          (3/15-5/17)                         
Story of the World 1 - Ancients  Gr 1-6 (15 Wks)  
$180   Info          (2/1-5/17)
1:30-2:30Story of the World 3 - Early Modern Gr 3-8 (15 Weeks) 
$180     Info               (2/1-5/17) 
2:30-3:30Story of the World 4 - Modern Age Gr 4-9 (15 Wks) $180   Info           (2/1-5/17)
Middle School Science, Gr 6-8 (9 Weeks) 
$245   Info              (3/15-5/17)
Ceramics Gr 2-8 (15 Weeks) $225   
  Info           (2/1-5/17)
10:00-10:50IEW Writing Class, Level B, Sess 2, Gr 5-8 (14 Wks) $*194  Info        (2/2-5/18)  ($175 For Returning Students)
10:15-11:45Electronics + Coding Gr 5-12 (7 Wks) $350   
Info      (2/2-3/23)
Electronics + Coding Gr 5-12 (7 Wks) $350
    Info       (3/30-5/18)
11:00 11:50IEW Writing, Level A, Sess 2, Gr 3-5 (14 Wks)
*$194   Info       (2/2-5/18*$175 for Returning Students)
12:00-12:50IEW Writing: Rockets, Radar, & Robotics Gr 5-8 (14 Wks) $204   Info     (2/2-5/18) *$175 For Returning Stud
IEW Writing: Level C, Sess 2, Gr 8-12 (14 Wks) *$194   Info     (2/2-5/18)*$175 For Returning Students
2:00-3:30United States Constitution Gr 7-12 (5 Wks) $50    
Info    (2/2-3/9)
4:00-6:00Ceramics  Gr. 9-12 (14 Weeks)
  Info  (2/2-5/18)
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Writing Classes with Kris Cordell

Hello everyone,

It’s that time again: time to register your child for a writing class!

My website ( has nearly all of the current class information.  Be sure to take a look at your options and share the opportunities with your friends and your homeschool group.

Let me highlight a few important details:
  1. I am now offering a literature-based writing class for 6th-8th graders at the Roseville/Rocklin location.  I need a minimum of 8 students to make this class work.  These classes are offered at Metro Calvary church.  More details are listed on my website.
  2. I am offering more online classes, including literature-based writing classes!  Be sure to check out this option and share it with your friends.
  3. Most titles of books that will be studied are not yet listed because those details are being finalized with the teachers. But you can be sure that the books will  provide a wonderful learning experience.
  4. Nearly all classes begin the second week in January and end the third week in March.  Specific dates for each class are listed on the website. 

NEW information:
  1. You may pay online by going to the “store” on my website.  Check out that option if it seems more convenient for you.
  2. I am offering research writing classes for students in grades 6-12.  Those classes will be held in Rocklin on Wed. afternoons, and they will begin at the end of Jan.  More details about this opportunity will be forthcoming.

To register:
  1. Simply reply to this email with the following information:
  • Child’s name (please indicate if you child is new or returning)
  • Child’s grade/class 
  • Payment method
  • Parent’s name
  • Phone number
  • I will reply to your email within a few days to confirm your child’s registration.
  1. For onsite classes, you must register by Tuesday, Dec. 12 if you want me to provide a book for your child.  If you register for an onsite class after the 12th, you will likely need to purchase the book.
  2. Of course classes sizes are limited, so do not delay your child’s registration. 

If you have questions or need additional information, please send me an email.

Kris Cordell
Writing with Kris

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Announcing the On The GO Academy 2018 Spring Schedule


The On The GO Academy Spring 2018 schedule is here! 

Featuring a new ballet class for TK/K and an intro to dance class for 1st-5th! 

We also have several new classes for 7th-12th including a YouTube class, Journalism (Online and Print including media and yearbook), Knitting & Crocheting, an Online Tools and Awareness class, as well as the existing Art, Music, Spanish, PE, Creative Writing, Sports Education, and PodPi coding!

Also offering our popular classes for our 1st-8th on Tuesday and Thursday including Art, Music, Reading & Writing, PE, Sports Education, Drama/Choir, and Mad Science!

Space is limited so register today to reserve your spot for the Spring semester!

On The GO Academy

Rocklin, ages, 6-12yrs old, registration needed. 10:30- 11:30,STEAM-o-torium

Join us at the Rocklin Library with Placer County Mosquito & Vector Control as they fill us in on the buzz about mosquitos! Learn about the different types of mosquitos, and how they help us combat the mosquito population and spread of illness in our area. Hands-on exploration with lots of critters to examine. For ages 6-12 years old. Registration highly recommended as session size is limited to 30 participants (excluding accompanying adults).

Register for this month’s STEAM-o-torium at the Rocklin Library by visitingoin us at the Rocklin Library with Placer County Mosquito & Vector Control as they fill us in on the buzz about mosquitos! Learn about the different types of mosquitos, and how they help us combat the mosquito population and spread of illness in our area. Hands-on exploration with lots of critters to examine. For ages 6-12 years old. Registration highly recommended as session size is limited to 30 participants (excluding accompanying adults).

Register for this month’s STEAM-o-torium at the Rocklin Library by visiting:

Rocklin Library STEAM-o-torium Registration Form
Use this form to register for this month's STEAM-o-torium at the Rocklin Library!
Date: 3rd Saturday of the month
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Location: Rocklin Library Community Room
Session size limited to 30 participants (excluding accompanying adults).
If you have any questions, please contact the Rocklin Library at 916-624-3133.

Roseville, Nov 25, Guitar Center Lesson Open House, 1-4pm

Guitar Center Lessons would like to invite you to it’s Open House on November 25th. At this event, our Lessons staff and instructors will be on hand to give free 10 minute lessons in our world class facilities. Our family friendly Open House event will be from 1:00PM to 4:00PM at all Guitar Center Lessons Locations.

Mock Congress / HS Age / Feb 24-25 / Sheraton Hotel /Sacramento

What: Mock Congress 
Why: Democracy Matters - Students write, debate and vote on bills; learn the legislative process by doing!  Students assigned to houses; choose committees.  
Where:  Sheraton Hotel, Sacramento 
When:  February 24-25th (sat/sun) 
Who:  High School Age 

Cost:  Available on; students need JSA membership as well; Students stay at the Sheraton and cost is included in registration for conference; parents welcome to attend or students can be under Dr. Kari Kelso for chaperone purposes.  Great opportunity for students to have a local overnight academic experience.  Food not included.  

Affiliation:  Students will be affiliated with the Justice Kennedy Library and Learning Center Chapter; JSA is non-partisan, non-profit and non-religious; largest civics organization for HS students in US. 

Pre-homework:  We need to submit one bill for every 5 students in chapter; bill is due mid December.  Any topic. 

Contact:  Dr. Kari Kelso if interested in attending.