Monday, January 16, 2017

45 minute essay writing workshop

45 Minute Essay Writing Workshop

This class is focused towards standardized testing essay requirements, like for the ACT, and AP exams, and helps prepare students for that specific portion of the test. 
Writing a well thought through essay can be hard enough without the time restraints and, when given these time restraints, many students end up not doing their best because they feel rushed. This class is designed to give students confidence when given a timed essay test and will definitely help with standardized testing timed essays. 

Day by Day Outline:

Day one
   Go over how to outline in five minutes or less
   How to write a well thought through thesis statement in two to three minutes
   How to effectively write the essay
   How to quickly review and edit with the time left over

Day two
   Mock timed essay (45 minutes)
   Go over essay in class
   Talk about scoring

Where: 1921 McKinley Street 
             Rocklin, CA
Dates for Class: January 16-17
Times: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Cost: $50 per student 

Contact : Hannah Yeager
                916-295-0270 (text is okay) 
Hello parents, 
To anyone who is considering taking the essay workshop...
I've been homeschooling my children now for the past 3 years. I have two teenagers who have finished the essay 101 writing class. For most of us we have a subject that might be a little more challenging than others. For my kids it was writing, they struggled so much with sentence structure,  turning writing assignments in on time, having mom critique them and give them back to them to make corrections. Having this writing class was invaluable to our family, my kids learned so much.  They work so hard every day learning all the different forms of essays, getting the assignments done on time and they didn't want to disappoint the teacher. Especially because teacher wasn't mom. 
The instructor, Hannah has such a passion for writing and it shows in her teaching abilities(especially the creative aspect). My kids loved being in her class. She was approachable and communicated writing in a way that my children came to find writing fun instead of a choir.  She has even written her own curriculum!  I would highly recommend this class to every high school student!

Thank you, 
Cynthia L.

CYT Spring Registration Is Now Open!!!

Click on the image above to get yours today.

Ages 6-7

Twisted Tales: Drama for Kids
Ages 8-12

Ages 8-12

4:30-6:00 pm

Wiggles: Mother Goose on the Loose!
ages 4-5



4:15-6:15 pm
2017 Improv Team
Ages 8-18(By Audition Class)

4:15-6:15 pm
Ages 6-7
Ages 8-12


6:30-8:30 pm
2017 Tour Group
Auditions will be held on Thursday 2/23/17 from 5-6:30pm at VSC. Students should enroll in their first choice alternate class. If selected, they will be moved out of their alternate class.
Sign up HERE.

If your child is interested in a class that is FULL, email Anna Christiansen HERE to be placed on a wait list. It is recommended that you enroll in a second choice class as slots will fill fast.
Our mailing address is:
CYT Sacramento
PO Box 2121
RocklinCa 95677

Service Opportunity for Fundraising Dinner

Upcoming Fundraising Dinner
Please contact Kathy Peterson directly at if you can with this event.  

Hello friends!  I’m writing to you as you have either expressed an interest in helping us with our upcoming Fundraising Dinner, or you have helped us in the past in an event.  
This year’s fundraising dinner will be held on Thursday, February 23rd.    We are at a new venue this year!  It is a brand new event center called The Falls in Roseville.  The address is:  240 Conference Center Drive, Roseville.  It is just past the Mall off of Roseville Parkway.

   There are two areas that we could use help with:
  1.  Helping to set and decorate the tables that will already be set up-so no hard physical labor required!  We are meeting on the day of the event at Noon to set up.
  2. Clean up.  Helping to take down all the decorations on tables etc. , after the event.  9 pm 

If you are available to help with either one of these or you know of others who may be interested in helping, please let me know by responding to this email.  

Thank you so much by blessing us with a heart to serve the Lord in this ministry! 
God bless you,


P.S.  We are just getting the invitations printed, but if you are interested in registering for the dinner, here’s the link online:  Also we are providing childcare for the dinner since it’s a school-work night.

Kathy Peterson
Client Services Manager | Sierra Pregnancy & Health
“Hope Starts Here”
1212 Coloma Way, Suite A
Roseville, CA 95661

Homeschoolers Study Abroad Trip to Spain!

Homeschoolers Study Abroad Trip to Spain!
 My name is Amie Comber and I’m the Marketing Director at a company called Global Perspectives! Global Perspectives is a study abroad company that has partnered with Lumerit Education to send their students to Spain for 6 weeks while earning 6 credits in Spanish. Most of Lumerit’s college students came from a homeschooled background (just like me), so Global Perspectives wanted to extend the invitation of their study abroad program to homeschoolers (Senior- college aged.)
 I have attached an email invitation, which includes links to the Global Perspectives website and ways to get in touch. 
 Feel free to forward my attached invitation through your homeschool circle. I’m praying that the right students will seize this awesome travel opportunity! 


Do you want to travel? Are you of college age or a high school senior? If so, you’re invited to join us in Spain this summer to earn 6 credits of Spanish! The trip is from June 21st to August 2nd. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a different culture while learning a strategic second language and networking with peers from across the country!

Global Perspectives is passionate about empowering you with the confidence, cultural fluency and language skills that come with travel and language study. Global Perspectives has partnered with Lumerit to host study abroad trips for their students. Since Lumerit caters to the homeschooling community, we’re excited to invite you too! If this has piqued your interest, please visit our Global Perspectives website.

This summer you can see Spain, bond with fellow homeschooled students from across America and experience a world you’ve only seen from pictures! Space is limited, and the registration deadline is February 15th. To start a conversation, fill out the form on the Get In Touch page.

We can’t wait to talk with you!

-Amie Comber
Marketing Director

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sombrero Time

Happy New Year!

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Student Corner

Students in our advanced class closed 2016 with a group presentation on countries around the world. They did their own research and presented without any prompts (without reading). This is easily high school-level work! Take a peek below to check out one of their presentations:
Presentacion: Canada (Alisha) 2016

Teacher Corner

Ruth encouraged our students this month to take advantage of the new year and the wonderful opportunity they have to be getting an early start at learning a language!
Spanish Curriculum Teacher Tips: Encouragement for the New Year!

Monthly Student Learning Objectives

Sombrero Time teachers cover a wide variety of content and learning objectives each month. Over time the process builds reading, writing and speaking proficiency.

To help parents with students in our various private programs track this information simply click the link below corresponding with your student's class:

Team Sombrero Time