Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chemistry Basics at Bridgeway!

Bridgeway Homeschool Group has extended this wonderful opportunity to our group!  Please read below for further information...

DATES: Thursdays, Feb. 9th, 16th, 23rd, Mar. 2nd
LOCATION: Bridgeway: The Grounds (downstairs)
COST: $98/student CASH or VOUCHER 
***If you would like to take this lab, you will need to commit to 4 weeks. Each lab is 1.5 hours long. If you know you will miss one, you are still required to pay the full $98 to participate.
AGE REQUIREMENTS: 4th grade or older
WHAT TO POST IN COMMENTSPost names and ages of students and if you plan to stay and help. Also post how you are paying—CASH or VOUCHER (If using a voucher, list what charter you are with.) 
DEADLINE TO PAY: Monday, January 9th (Please let me know if your charter has any issues with issuing by January 9th and we will work with you.)
WHERE TO PAYDeliver CASH or VOUCHERS to Brenda Johnston by mail (1275 Green Ravine Dr. Lincoln, 95648) or by hand deliver. Text or call her at (916) 960-7329 to make arrangements to deliver. 
CAPACITY: 12 students 
In Chemistry Basics 1, students learn about the molecular structure of solids, liquids and gases. Energy and matter have multiple forms and can be changed from one form to another. In these labs, students will have the opportunity to observe how heat effects different states of matter. As always, these labs are very hand on.

4-weeks of labs:
States of Matter
Non-newtonian substances
Freezing Point Depression
Acids and Bases
For Chemistry Basics 1 all labs have a worksheet for the students to fill out:
States of matter (take home the molecular structure of Solid, liquid and gas)
Learn how energy and matter have multiple forms and can be changed from one form to another.  Learn how the atomic structures changes from one state to another.  
Non-Newtonian Substances (take home two samples of non-newtonian substances)
Have you ever wondered if Jell-O is a solid, a liquid or a gas? In this lab, we will discuss the basic properties of matter, and how some substances on our planet to not match these guidelines that Isaac Newton identified.  Be prepared to get your hands into some pretty slimy stuff.  
Freezing Point Depression (no take-home, we will make ice-cream in class)
Discuss freezing and melting points and how this applies to the procedure of making ice cream. Learn how the freezing point of a particular substance will change depending on its molecular structure.
Acids and Bases (no take-home, we will be testing acids and bases in class)
Every liquid you see will probably have either acidic or basic traits.  In this lab, we will discover what makes a liquid acidic or basic and learn how to test the pH of several different liquids with various indicators. 

Lab Rat Academy is a fabulous company that loves science and loves kids. We hope you can join us! Please check out their website to learn more:
  • Siblings under 4th grade may not be in attendance.
  • If you are able to stay and help, please note in the comments.
  • If you have younger children and need to drop your older students off, that is fine. However, we will need parent volunteers, so if you don’t have younger kids, we ask that you stay.
Lab Rat Academy accepts Horizons, South Sutter and Visions vouchers. To use charter funds, you must make note in the comments that you will be using charter funds and which charter you are with. It is your responsibility to follow your charter’s process for voucher submission and allow enough time for processing. Submit your request today!
If your charter gives you vouchers directly (Visions and Horizons), you will need to turn the voucher in by the payment deadline to Brenda Johnston at 1275 Green Ravine Dr. Lincoln, 95648.
If your charter mails the voucher directly to the vendor (South Sutter), we will contact Lab Rat on the deadline date for a list of families that have paid. The vendor name for South Sutter is Rebecca J. Sullivan – Lab Rat Academy.
Any families that have not turned in their cash or vouchers by the deadline of January 9th, will lose their place to the first person on the wait list.
Please contact Brenda Johnston if you have any questions. We hope you are able to join us!

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