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EMH PE Kickball, different locations, 3 sessions: $21, Prek- 12th

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Playing kickball is a great way for your children to jumpstart their exercise regime. Not only is it a fun game to play, kickball can burn from 300-600 calories in an hour depending on the player’s weight and how intense the game is for the individual. Running the bases, diving for balls, and throwing out runners are all great ways to burn calories and boost metabolism. This sport is appropriate for all age groups Prek-12th.
There are only three (3) sessions in December and the cost is $21. If you don’t have an account with us yet, please visit: If you already take our classes just log on to register at:
If you plan to use school funds now or in the next few months please order early with us and request your funding to be sent right away. Since schools close down early for December and it takes awhile for them to catch up in January, there can be delays in clearing your child if you wait too long. If you also have a full deposit on your EMH account there will be no interruption in your child/children’s participation even if the schools are delayed in handling funding requests.
Learn more about sibling discounts for those parents paying out-of-pocket with three (3) or more children at:
To find a location near you please visit:  - just type in your county choices and click on “search” for the listing of parks. Don’t see one near you, let us know.
Enjoy your day!
Julian Wells
EMH Sports
Questions? Email us at:
855-213-4443 (Toll Free)

Ballet Rejoice Nativity Ballet

Ballet Rejoice will be performing their Nativity Ballet. They are performing at Valley Springs Presbyterian Church (2401 Olympus Drive Roseville) on Tuesday December 15th at 7:00 pm. 

Tickets are available at the front desk after Dec 1st or at the front door for a suggested donation of $10 - $15. Doors open at 6:30 and there is no reserved seating so you can get good seats if you get there early. 

We hope to see you there!

Fusion Learning Homeschool Academy

Our new schedule is here and we're enrolling now for the Spring semester!

West Coast Basketball

FYI.  Contact Jodie at if interested.

West Coast Impact Athletic League 
2016 Basketball Season
We are excited to announce another baskeball season is ready to begin. Below is the information for our 2016 basketball season.
Teams located in Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, Auburn and Rocklin/Roseville
Boys and girls, ages 12-18.  Season is January 4-March 14, 2016 with the option to attend March Gladness in Los Angeles on March 16-19.  Practice times and games schedule coming soon.
Cost: $285 per player
Register online under the Sports Registration pull down tab and indicate your preferred location in the"send a message section" of the registration form.
$100 deposit due by December 18th to confirm you spot.
Make a check payable to WCIAL and mail to WCIAL 8863 Greenback Ln, Ste. #230, Orangevale, CA 95662
We look forward to seeing you on the hardwood!
Bill and Jodie

Christ Centered Spanish Classes

FYI.  Contact Monica Williams directly if interested:    Or call:  (916) 308-6423
Classes Start January 5th and 7th 2016


1st to 6th 

Classes Start January 5th and 7th 2016


Bilingual Unit Studies - $50 monthly tuition, 50 minutes, no registration fees

With the Bible as our foundation and the use of English and Spanish, we plan to explore a specific topic through a variety of subjects. Depending on the topic these subjects can include: Science, History, Geography, Arts, etc. We will practice conversation; reading comprehension; writing; research; and collaboration. The goal of these studies is to help the students ease into thinking in Spanish and use this language in their daily life. The percentage of the time using English during the class should decrease throughout the year as the students feel more comfortable and grow in their domination of the Spanish language. 

The following are the topics and themes planned for the Spring 2016 semester (subject to change):
January and February – Creación: Light, Sky, Soil and Plants, the Solar System, Fish and Birds, Land Animals, the Human Being, and Resting.
March and April – Ecosistemas and Hábitat: Weather, plants and animals in the Tundra, Desert, Forrest, Jungle, Prairie, a Cave, a Swamp, and a Creek. 
May – El Cuerpo Humano: The Five Senses; Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Muscular, Skeletal and Digestive Systems; and Nutrition and Exercise. 


Intermediate Spanish - $40 monthly tuition, 50 minutes, no registration fees

Christ centered classes taught by a native Hispanic teacher. Your children will memorize Bible verses in Spanish and start learning how to share their faith using this language.  We use songs, games, crafts, cooking and other tools to make leaning Spanish fun and effective. We practice conversation; reading comprehension; writing; listening comprehension; Grammar; and learn cultural and historical facts. With the use of technology, your students will keep practicing their Spanish speaking skills during the week.

South Placer Teen Center
3860 Oak St
Rocklin, CA 95677

To register: Email Monica Williams at:
Or call:  (916)308-6423

Monica Williams was born and raised in Mexico. She graduated as an Educational Psychologist in 1993. A year later, she met her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a new life in Him! In 2001, she married her beloved husband and moved to the U.S.

She has been teaching for about 20 years and has experience educating children from infants to adults on a variety of subjects. Currently, she is homeschooling her two elementary-aged children and loves doing so!

A Brighter Child Spring Classes

Class Schedule
Classes begin Week of *January 25th and end May 2016
(*class start and end dates vary - see course descriptions for individual start/end dates)
(Registration Form is located in column at left)
11:00-12:00Li'l Hands Science Gr. 2-6 (6 Wks) $90 Details                         
12:30-1:30            Creativity Workshop - Animation  Gr 6-8 (12 Wks) $155Details  
12:00 - 1:00 
Middle School Science Labs I Gr 6-8 (7 Wks) $190 Details      
1:30-2:30Middle School Science Labs II Gr 6-8 (7 Wks) $190 Details               
1:30-2:30              Creativity Workshop: Perspective in Art Gr 6-8 (12 Wks) $155  Details   
2:30-3:30              High School Biology Wet Labs Gr. 9-12 (15 Wks)$412   Details                       
4:00-5:00High School Chemistry Wet Labs Gr 9-12 (15 Wks)$385   Details                       
5:00-6:00             High School Physics Wet Labs Gr 9-12 (15 Wks) $385Details
10:00-10:45Music Monkeys Ages 5-9 (12 Weeks) $130 Details               
10:00-10:45Beginning Keyboard (Piano) Gr 2-6 (16 Wks) $210 Details
10:45-11:30Keyboard 2 (Piano) Gr. 2-6 (16 Weeks) $210 Details                        
11:00-12:00Jr. Boom Science Labs Grades 2-5 (7 Wks) $165  Details
11:30-12:15Beginning Keyboard Grades 7-12 (16 Weeks) $210  Details                       
12:45-2:15Creativity Workshop- Around the World Grades 4-6 (12 Weeks) $225  Details                        
1:00-2:15Life/Earth Science, Ecology/Nature Labs Gr K-3 (8 Wks) $125 1/26/16-3/15/16 (Two Sessions avail) Details
1:00-2:15Life/Earth Science, Ecology/Nature Labs Gr K-3 (8 Wks) $125 3/22/16-5/17/16 (Two Sessions Avail) Details
2:30-3:45Life/Earth Science, Ecology/Nature Labs Gr 4-6 (8 Wks) $125 1/26/16-3/15/16 (Two Sessions Avail)  Details
2:30-3:45Life/Earth Science, Ecology/Nature Labs Gr 4-6 (8 Wks) $125 3/22/16-5/17/16 (Two Sessions Avail) Details
2:30-3:30High School Earth Science Wet Labs Grades 9-12 (15 Weeks) $365 Details
10:00-11:00The Swiss Family Robinson Literature Study Gr. 3-8 (13 Weeks) $130 Details                        
11:00-12:00Paddle to the Sea/Seabird: Geography Through Literature Gr 3-7 (15 Weeks) $165 Details                         
Apologia Science Year-Round Classes are currently in progress: Contact Sharon Ubis at for information on ALL Apologia Classes                                     
10:00- 11:00                           Human Body & Simple Machines Grades 1-3 (15 Weeks) $155  Details
11:00-12:00Draw Write Now: Book 6 - Animals & Habitats Gr 1-4 (15 Weeks) $155   Details                      
10:30-11:15Beginning Guitar Grades 3-6 (15 Weeks) $170 Details
11:15-12:00Beginning Guitar Grades 7-12 (15 Weeks) $210  Details                        
12:00 -12:45Guitar II Grades 7-12 (15 Weeks) $210  Details
12:30 - 1:30Story of the World - Ancients (Session 2) Grades 1-6 (15 Weeks) $165  Details
1:30-2:30Story of the World - Middle Ages (Session 2) Gr 2-7 (15 Weeks) $165 Details                         
2:30-3:30Story of the World - Early Modern Times (Session 2) Grades 3-8 $165  Details
4:00-6:00Photography/20th Century History/Photojournalism 
Gr 6-12 (15 Weeks) $185  Details                      
10:00-11:00IEW Writing Class, Level A, Gr 3-5 (15 Wks) $165 Details  
11:00 12:00IEW Writing Class, Level BGr 5-8 (15 Wks) $165 Details
Prerequisite: The following classes are 2-Semester courses and are only open to students who have completed the previous Fall Semester Session; (Registration and payment are required for 2nd Semester Registration) 
11:30-12:30High School Anatomy/Physiology Wet Labs (Sem. 2)Labs Gr 9-12 $445 (See Instructor for Details) 
1:30-2:30High School a-g Biology Wet Labs (Sem. 2) Gr 9-12 (15 Weeks) $405  (See Instructor for Details) 
                       2:30-3:30High School a-g Earth Science Wet Labs (Sem. 2) 
Gr. 9-12 (15 Weeks) $365 (See Instructor for Details) 
3:30-4:30High School a-g Physics Wet Labs (Sem. 2) Gr. 9-12 (15 Weeks ) $400 (See Instructor for Details)
 4:30-5:30            High School a-g Chemistry Wet Labs (Sem. 2) Gr. 9-12 (15 Weeks) $405  (See Instructor for Details)
                        A Brighter Child
              Homeschool & Educational Supplies
                                         8137 Greenback Lane
                                          Fair Oaks, CA 95628
                                                 Open Mon - Sat 10:00-6:00
                                                           Closed Sunday

Pride & Prejudice at Performing Arts Center Auditorium at Sacramento City College

When Jane Austen created the aloof, arrogant Mr. Darcy, she could hardly have imagined she was dreaming up one of the most eligible bachelors of the next few centuries. Despite his irritating superiority complex, Fitzwilliam Darcy's ability to listen and change his ways to win over the woman he loves have captured hearts for more than 200 years. It doesn't hurt that his match in Pride and Prejudice is the spirited, clever Elizabeth Bennett. With her intelligence, beauty, loyalty and kindness, she's got it all. Despite all that, her pride could prevent her from finding true love (and financial security) with the countryside's most sought-after single gentleman. City Theatre's delightfully romantic adaptation of one of the great love stories in literature will whisk you away from Sacramento to the English countryside, leaving you starry-eyed and sighing all the way home. 

Sac, and other venues, Two weeks before the mast program: Tall ships

Our Two Weeks Before the Mast program is an opportunity to experience the life of a tall ship sailor. For two weeks, you’ll live aboard one of our vessels learning the basics of knots, sail theory, traditional and modern maintenance skills, and maritime history.
No two experiences are the same. To read about past volunteers’ experiences in this unique program, click here, watch the trailer for the documentary The Passage, and check out  Baggy Wrinkles, a series of comics created by tall ship sailor Lucy Bellwood.
Baggy Wrinkles
For an idea of what your experience as a Two Weeks Before the Mast sailor will be like, check out tall ship sailor/cartoonist Lucy Bellwood’s comics about her experience coming aboard.Baggy Wrinkles »
Here’s how to apply:
Consult our public sail schedule to browse upcoming ports and dates. You can also review the latest information on available slots. Complete the online volunteer intake form OR
  1. Download (PDF) and read through the application packet.
  2. Email us or call 800-200-5239 if you have questions.
  3. Fill out and submit your application via email, fax, or U.S. mail.
  4. Please allow 5-7 business days to process your application. Once your application has been processed and approved, we will contact you to schedule your time aboard.
The program fee for all slots is $650.
Scholarships are available to assist with program costs.
Volunteers are assigned to either Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain based on staffing needs as determined by the captains and the headquarters in Aberdeen, Wash. Volunteers may request a specific boat, but GHHSA cannot guarantee availability.
TWBM volunteer Graham Shea produced this video of his experience aboard Lady Washington.
For information on this unique two-week experience living and working aboard a tall ship, or call 800-200-5239.
Not only are the crew members fantastic sailors, they’re also great educators and ambassadors. — Scott Jackson, Vancouver, B.C.
“Two Weeks” spots available on Lady Washington as of 11/18/2015
12/7/15 – 12/21/15Morro Bay, CA to San Diego, CA1 spot available
1/11/16 – 1/25/16Long Beach, CA to Ventura, CA2 spots available
1/25/16 – 2/8/16Ventura, CA2 spots available
2/8/16 – 2/22/16Ventura, CA to Oakland, CA2 spots available
2/2/16 – 3/7/16Oakland, CA to Antioch, CA2 spots available
3/7/16 – 3/21/16Antioch, CA to Redwood City, CA2 spots available
3/21/16 – 4/4/16Redwood City, CA to Sausalito, CA2 spots available
4/4/16 – 4/18/16Sausalito, CA to Eureka, CA2 spots available
4/18/16 – 5/2/16Eureka, CA to Coos Bay, OR2 spots available
5/2/16 – 5/16/16Coos Bay, OR2 spots available
12/21/15 – 1/11/16San Diego, CA to Long Beach, CA2 spots available
5/16/16 – 5/30/16Coos Bay, OR to Newport, OR2 spots available
5/30/16 – 6/13/16Newport, OR to Aberdeen, WA2 spots available
6/13/16 – 6/27/16Aberdeen, WA2 spots available
6/27/16 – 7/11/16Aberdeen, WA to Port Angeles, WA2 spots available
“Two Weeks” spots available on Hawaiian Chieftain in Sacramento as of 11/18/2015
1/11/16 – 1/25/16Oceanside, CA to Ventura, CA2 spots available
1/25/16 – 2/8/16Ventura, CA2 spots available
2/8/16 – 2/22/16Ventura, CA to Oakland, CA2 spots available
2/22/16 – 3/7/16Oakland, CA to Antioch, CA2 spots available
3/7/16 – 3/21/16Oakland, CA to Redwood City, CA2 spots available
3/21/16 – 4/4/16Redwood City, CA to Sausalito, CA2 spots available
4/4/16 – 4/18/16Sausalito, CA to Eureka, CA2 spots available
4/18/16 – 5/2/16Eureka, CA to Coos Bay, OR2 spots available
5/2/16 – 5/16/16Coos Bay2 spots available
5/16/16 – 5/30/16Coos Bay, OR to Newport, OR2 spots available