Monday, December 7, 2015

Christ Centered Spanish Classes

FYI.  Contact Monica Williams directly if interested:    Or call:  (916) 308-6423
Classes Start January 5th and 7th 2016


1st to 6th 

Classes Start January 5th and 7th 2016


Bilingual Unit Studies - $50 monthly tuition, 50 minutes, no registration fees

With the Bible as our foundation and the use of English and Spanish, we plan to explore a specific topic through a variety of subjects. Depending on the topic these subjects can include: Science, History, Geography, Arts, etc. We will practice conversation; reading comprehension; writing; research; and collaboration. The goal of these studies is to help the students ease into thinking in Spanish and use this language in their daily life. The percentage of the time using English during the class should decrease throughout the year as the students feel more comfortable and grow in their domination of the Spanish language. 

The following are the topics and themes planned for the Spring 2016 semester (subject to change):
January and February – Creación: Light, Sky, Soil and Plants, the Solar System, Fish and Birds, Land Animals, the Human Being, and Resting.
March and April – Ecosistemas and Hábitat: Weather, plants and animals in the Tundra, Desert, Forrest, Jungle, Prairie, a Cave, a Swamp, and a Creek. 
May – El Cuerpo Humano: The Five Senses; Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Muscular, Skeletal and Digestive Systems; and Nutrition and Exercise. 


Intermediate Spanish - $40 monthly tuition, 50 minutes, no registration fees

Christ centered classes taught by a native Hispanic teacher. Your children will memorize Bible verses in Spanish and start learning how to share their faith using this language.  We use songs, games, crafts, cooking and other tools to make leaning Spanish fun and effective. We practice conversation; reading comprehension; writing; listening comprehension; Grammar; and learn cultural and historical facts. With the use of technology, your students will keep practicing their Spanish speaking skills during the week.

South Placer Teen Center
3860 Oak St
Rocklin, CA 95677

To register: Email Monica Williams at:
Or call:  (916)308-6423

Monica Williams was born and raised in Mexico. She graduated as an Educational Psychologist in 1993. A year later, she met her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a new life in Him! In 2001, she married her beloved husband and moved to the U.S.

She has been teaching for about 20 years and has experience educating children from infants to adults on a variety of subjects. Currently, she is homeschooling her two elementary-aged children and loves doing so!

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