Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fair Oaks,Exciting News: Mathnasium HomeSchool Hours are Starting Soon!!!

A few weeks ago, I posted a message letting you all know about an exciting opportunity for homeschool students at Mathnasium. The idea was to have extra morning hours, exclusively for homeschool students already enrolled in Mathnasium, three times a week from 10am to 12pm. I am very pleased to announce that this opportunity will start being offered the week of October 5th, and we are very excited to get this program off the ground. We would love to see more homeschool students among our ranks, so please feel free to contact us at if you would like to join us. You will need to enroll your student in one of our monthly programs to participate in this opportunity, but you will also have access to our top-notch instructors, an individualized curriculum for your student, and the ability to help your student advance their math skills. Mathnasium is a great program that I firmly believe in, having left the classroom to pursue a career with this tutoring center. Our motto of "Catching Up, Keeping Up, and Getting Ahead" is very evident by the constant success of students who have been able to get through a whole grade level of math within three months time. We are constantly accepting new students, so I hope you will join us during this exciting time!

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