Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mathnasium in Fair Oaks

Hello HomeSchool Community, 

My name is Amber and I was homeschooled for several years as a child, followed by assisting in homeschooling two of my siblings after earning my teaching credential in math. Now, I am the Assistant Director at Mathnasium in Fair Oaks. We have several homeschool families already enrolled with us and, as such, are planning to start an exciting new program to benefit these families. This new program would offer special morning hours, three times a week from 10am to 12pm, exclusively for homeschool students already enrolled in one of our Mathnasium programs. In addition to this program, students enrolled with us will also receive the benefits of a personalized Mathnasium curriculum specifically designed to meet your individual student's needs. We need a few more homechool students to enroll with us before we can get this special opportunity off the ground. Please call 916-967-6222, or email us at fairoaks@mathnasium.com, to get more information and have your student enrolled. Mathnasium is a fantastic place for students to hone their math skills and, as a math teacher myself, I believe it teaches math in a way that schools haven't been able to accomplish yet. As a former homeschooler myself, I highly recommend this program and hope that you can join our community.

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