Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Encore Capital Tour

Capital Tour for homeschool families
Due to the amount of families that turned out for last Fridays Capital Tour, another tour is set for this Friday – Sept 11th. If you wanted to take the tour with Ranger Bruce but were busy, here is another one you can join. This is Ranger Bruce’s most popular tour and all who attend say that they learned so much. We will tour all three levels and maybe go down to the basement for a look around. Capitals can be very interesting. Our nation’s capital was used for a church for many decades, did you know that? Thomas Jefferson helped to get permission for a 2000 member church to form there. Learn what else happened and more when you bring your family to this amazing tour.  Time – 10:00 – 12:00. Cost $35.00 per family. Parking on the street or in a garage – no building fees. We meet on the EAST steps of the Capital. That’s the side with the Sun shining on the steps. Don’t go inside. Ranger Bruce will be holding a green clip board so you can see him.
Please email Ranger Bruce at to let me know your attending. 
Here is what one homeschool mother wrote........"Wow, are you in for a treat if you haven't been through this tour with Bruce. He can take you into many areas that the public never sees. The capital is huge and beautiful on the inside. The tour includes both House and Senate chambers, as well as all historical areas. Bruce took us to our senator's office and we met with her for an hour. She opened the door to the floor of the senate and we sat at her desk and took pictures. Soooooooooo cool. He even got us into the governor's office and we all got his personal business card. He was not in town but it was GREAT!" THANKS, BRUCE! YOU’RE THE BEST…………..Brenda

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