Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nor Cal Basketball Class / Roseville / 4-5 Saturdays begin Oct.

Todd Nash
California Athletics for Home Schools
760-458-9753 Cell
 After many requests from families in N Cal, I will be teaching a weekly series of basketball classes there this fall in 5 sites!  The basketball class is an ideal Physical Education class for ALL children, regardless of whether they want to play the sport or not.  It teaches critical motor skills, coordination, manual skills with both hands, and develops critical cross brain connections more than any sport or activity!  Recent research tells us that this cross brain development (done by using both hands alternately in a physical skill) helps students to excel in all academic subjects.  It is also the best clinic an active basketball player could do to reinforce the development of important basketball skills.
The class will meet once each week for 5 weeks in 5 different sites allowing for weekly practice between classes, further enhancing the development of all of these essential physical skills.  We will meet at a park basketball court in your area for 1 ½ hours per session for 5 weeks.  If one or more of the class sites does not get enough registrations and we can still hold 3 classes, the classes will be lengthened to 2 hours each and will meet for 4 weeks.  The same skills will be taught either way.  Classes will all meet on Saturdays starting in mid October, finishing before the week of Thanksgiving.  The cost of the class is only $100/student, a bargain for quality instruction in a complex sport like basketball!  I am a vendor with most N Cal charters who will pay for the class fully.  I am listed under either California Athletics or Todd Nash.
For more details, including directions to each site, see the website below.  Click on N CAL SPORTS to get the details, schedule, directions, and see some pictures!  The schedule: Saturdays beginning October 24, meeting for 5 consecutive Saturdays, 1 1/2 hours each session, finishing on Saturday, November 21:
9:00-10:30    San Jose
11:15-12:45  Pleasanton
1:30-3:00      Concord
3:30-5:00      Berkeley
6:30-8:00      Roseville  (Lit basketball court)
4:45-6:15      Roseville (if an earlier class cancels)

If any class cancels, the others will be moved up to an earlier time, so please keep your schedule open in case of a schedule shift.  Hopefully, we fill all of the classes so this is not a factor!  If 2 of these planned classes cancel for low enrollments, but the other 3 have enough, we will make the classes 2 hours each and meet for 4 consecutive Saturdays.  

For full details, please check the website below.  If you will join us, please register on the website immediately.  Then get your PO issued or prepare your check for the class for $100 per student.  Call or email if you have any questions!  Pass this information to all of your friends, and I hope to see you all at basketball class!

Todd Nash
California Athletics for Home Schools
760-458-9753 Cell

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