Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spanish Classes with Sonia in Citrus Heights

Spanish With Sonia (Vendor for Visions, Horizon, South Sutter, Summit Academy)
Held in Sonia's home in Citrus Heights (7181 Canelo Hills Dr)

Ages 7-12 - Beginning Conversational Spanish - Wednesdays at 9:00
-Level II Beginner Conversation - Mondays 10:30

Ages 12-18 - Beginning Conversational Spanish - Tuesdays 10:00
   Advanced Beginner - Students should have a basic knowledge of beginning vocab (colors,                                            numbers, likes/dislikes). This class will introduce students to more vocab and                                           beginning grammar. - Wednesdays 10:00
                    Advanced Immersion - Students should have completed Spanish 3 - Mondays 11:30

Spanish With Sonia

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