Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Biblical Application to Life Management Class

Hello, friends.

During the 2015-2016 school year, Gail Efting will be offering courses on Mondays at Inspire Learning Academy
(located at Calvary Chapel Auburn). I highly recommend you consider her 
courses for your middle schooler/high schooler. These are not typical, 
textbook-oriented courses.

Our family has been highly blessed since our children 
began to take her courses 7+ years ago at a SF peninsula-based home school 
academy. Mrs. Efting uses a very hands-on, student-centered approach to 
instruction. Her immense knowledge of the sciences, history, government, 
literature, mathematics, sociology, psychology and theology enrich each 
course and give it deeper context.

We hosted her BALM course in Loomis for two years because she is 
SUCH a great communicator/instructor — and she made the bi-weekly 
commute from Sunnyvale to our home. Her courses encourage students to think deeply, 
to apply their Christian worldview to the issues at hand. I can not say 
enough good about her style and her heart. Her love for the Lord and 
joyful heart are clearly evident.

Please share this with others who would find these courses desirable for their student.

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Florence Gustafsson

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