Saturday, August 17, 2013

Free classes: Baptism / Communion / O.T. Bible Study

I want to personally invite your family to take advantage of some classes I am teaching at our church this year. I am very excited to introduce a couple of new studies. For those of you who have been in my classes before, you know how much I love to dig deep into God's word and learn more about the history & culture which puts Scripture in perspective, all the while allowing the Holy Spirit to lead our class. Location and contact information is listed at the end of this message. - Michelle Potter Your RSVP is encouraged, so we may have materials prepared for your child(ren). Preparing for Baptism Children, 3rd through 6th grade*, are invited to attend a Children's Baptism Class offered each Sunday for six weeks, beginning August 18 through September 22, during the 9:30am service. Children will be taught the meaning of this ordinance, and given the opportunity to write their personal testimonies. Parents are welcome to accompany their children, and additional material will be sent home for family discussion. Baptisms are scheduled for Sunday, September 29th, during our Family Worship Service and children are encouraged to participate if they desire to do so. * This grade level is a recommendation, but mature younger and older children are welcome to participate per their parent's discretion. Understanding Communion Does your child partake in communion? Third through sixth graders* will have the opportunity to more deeply understand what Jesus commanded believers about this ordinance. This Children's Communion Class will meet for four consecutive weeks, beginning October 27 through November 17, during the 9:30am service. Our next Communion service is scheduled for November 24th. * This grade level is a recommendation, but mature younger and older children are welcome to participate per their parent's discretion. Studying the Old Testament Beginning September 4th, come join our "Wednesday Night Live" class of fellow 5/6th graders, as we create individual timelines, having fun stick-figuring through the Old Testament. Each week, the Holy Spirit shows us how God revealed Himself to His people, proven Himself to the world, and why reading, understanding, and believing God's Word is imperative to us today. Both personal and group research is modeled and encouraged, by utilizing a Topical Bible, Bible Concordance, Bible Dictionary, and occasional apologetic videos, as we dig deep into the Old Testament, and share insightful discussions. Some new activities related to our study, will help students to connect with one another. We reward for Scripture memorization. Class begins at 6:30pm, after an optional family dinner at 5:30pm. (Donations are accepted for the meal, but not required.) Older and younger siblings and parents also have class options to grow in their faith and for mid-week fellowship. For more information about any of these opportunities, you may contact me at / (530) 328-0784 or Children's Director, Sue Smead, at / (530) 823-8330. All classes are held at Auburn Grace Community Church, at 3126 Olympic Way, Auburn 95603

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