Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christian Youth Theater Classes

Register for Fall classes today! For show class, information visit *Students ages 8-18 enrolled in a Fall class are eligible to audition for the show. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values. Christian Youth Theater offers a variety of classes in drama, voice, and dance, plus specialty classes for children ages 4-18. Students will foster mutual respect, develop confidence and create lasting friendships. Each class lasts two hours for ages 8-18 and one and a half hours for ages 4-7. Each session is made up of 10 sessions and culminates in a high-energy "showcase" presented by each class for the other students as well as family and friends. Drama: Ages 8-12 Become a character from head to toe! Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, character development, theater games, scene work and more! You’ll learn to use your whole body, voice facial expressions to portray everything from a swashbuckling pirate to an oompa loompa. Create your character from scratch and perform in scenes from various scripts. Dance for Musical Theater: Ages 8-14 Learn the basic techniques of one of the most exciting elements of theater: DANCE! Both Jazz and Tap are exciting styles of dance which are used in Musical Theater, both requiring discipline and practice. This class will cover forms of movement and balance while learning to tell stories through creative choreography. Teen Voice: Ages 12-18 Singing is fun! But excellent singing requires discipline and practice! Learn how to use your voice correctly and practice techniques that will help you become a better vocalist. Students will learn to sing together in a group as well as solo work. It’s fun, it’s interactive and you get to sing with friends in an encouraging environment. You will train for correct posture, breathing techniques, phrasing and ear training practice. Improv 101: Ages 12-18 Acting without a script? That’s Improv! This class teaches basic improvisational skills as students learn how to think on their feet! Students will learn to create scenes, characters, and conflict in a matter of seconds as they master the rules of improv. Backstage and Beyond: Ages 10-18 Make the stage come alive with set pieces! Learn how to design, build, and paint sets, how to hang a drop, and the fundamentals of assembling pieces. Learn to use the appropriate stagecraft tools in a safe manner as you create your make believe world on stage. This class will include guest speakers, field trips and hands on learning! Also, students receive priority to crew the Fall show, as their set designs grace the CYT main stage production. Wiggles/Our Gang: Ages 4-7 This course is designed to develop in students an awareness of and basic appreciation for a variety of aspects of theater, including: acting, dancing, singing, makeup, costumes, props, puppets and basic theater terms. The full experience will be a multi-sensory opportunity to explore movement, music, drama and art. Activities may include: rhythm games, coordination skills, demonstrating expressions and role playing. Auditions: Sep. 6th - 7th* Shows: Nov. 8th - 16th Valley Springs Church, Roseville

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