Monday, August 5, 2013

Classical Conversations High School Course

Still haven't settled on options for your high school student this year? 
Are your kids working at their full capacity?
Are they scared to death of public speaking?
Can I do this?
Will my kids get into college?
Is their writing good enough for college?
I can't do math....How can I teach my kids through High School?
Am I going to mess up my kids if I try to home school them through high school?
When they leave home and go to college...Are they going to be grounded in their faith?
We are a classical education community that helps share the load, equip students and encourage the homeschooling parent. 
We have a few openings left in our Classical Conversations Challenge Communities of Sacramento and Roseville.

Our homeschool, Challenge II high school course is open to ages 15 and up.  
We meet one day a week for 30 weeks. Our well-rounded academic core includes:
  • Western Cultural History (including Francis Schaeffer)
  • British Literature (Beowulf to GK Chesterton & CS Lewis
  • Apologia Biology (formal lab reports, microscopes, dissections)
  • Rhetoric (Oral Presentations, Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate)
  • American Drama 
  • Logic
  • Advanced Algebra
  • Latin
Integral to these great studies are a
• Classical Model
• Biblical worldview
• Integration of subects
• Encourages life long learning
• Emphasizes skills and tools of learning

Our classes begin in just a few weeks and we would love to speak with you more about this opportunity.  
Please contact for more information on the High School Program for Sacramento:
Shula Gossard
Challenge II Director, Sacramento

Please contact for more information on the High School Program for Roseville:
Elizabeth Todd
Challenge II Director, Roseville

Also, you are welcome to check us out online

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