Friday, September 30, 2016


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Cancer Treatment Fundraising Yard Sale / Oct. 1st / Auburn
Hello Homeschooling Families,

A fellow homeschooling family of 6 in the Auburn area is struggling as a result of cancer treatment expenses for the father. He has been battling Leukemia and Lymphoma for the last year, and has been undergoing alternative treatment options without the desired result.  He now faces traditional options like Chemo and Radiation.  Medical bills are piling up and they need support from the homeschooling community.

Please come shop our garage & bake sale to help this sweet family. Donations of items in good condition are also welcome. Please see & share the flyer attached.

Saturday, October 1st- 8am to 3pm
Crossroads Church South Campus 1101 Auburn Ravine Rd. Auburn CA
Sale is located in the gym off of Dairy Rd. 

Donations can be dropped of at the gym Friday, September 30th, 9am to 4pm or email me to make other drop off arrangements.

Thank you for helping a fellow homeschool family through a tough time!
Shannon Briggs
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