Saturday, January 11, 2014

Webinar: "A Homeschooler Parent's Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts"

Message from Gus Solis
I am happy to provide Lee Binz's free webinar on 
 "A Homeschool Parent's Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts"and I am getting very excited! We have used this very program to write our high schooler's transcripts and it works like a charm. One mom summed it up this way: "Thank you for all of your time in organizing and blazing a trail for us trying to get through the high school years.  You are like a parents'  'Guidance Counselor.'"  Lee Binz is a real homeschool mom, who has "been there and done that" and got incredible results.I know her webinar will educate and encourage you.  Make sure to sign up here and then read on about the great things you will learn: 

Message from Lee Binz

Dear Homeschool Parent,

Hi, my name is Lee Binz, The HomeScholar. Have you noticed how it is becoming more and more "socially acceptable" to homeschool your younger children?  A few years ago, it was not uncommon for parents to feel like sociopaths for denying their children the "academic and social advantages of a public education." (My favorite phrase from the past). 

Social acceptance has been slower coming for parents homeschooling high school.  Change is happening, but there is still a lot of hostility out there from public school parents, special interests and government agencies who are dead-set against homeschool parents who choose this path.

I want to help parents who are committed to giving their teens the best possible high school education and providing them with their best shot at college.  I want to take away your fear and give you the knowledge you need to ensure homeschool high school success. 

I want to empower and educate you to be the best high school teacher, parent and guidance counselor possible.   That is why I am so excited to be hosting a FREE one-hour educational webinar on Friday, January 16, 2014, exclusively for friends of Gus and Shirley Solis and Lifetime Books and Gifts. 

"A Homeschooler Parent's Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts" will cover all the essentials for calculating credits, determining grades and creating transcripts.  In this webinar you will learn:

  • 5 sure-fire ways to determine high school credit
  •  How to let go of "grade anxiety" in your homeschool
  • The one factor that will give you ABSOLUTE FREEDOM in your high school
  • How you, as the homeschool parent, can help the colleges with their "nightmare scenario"...and how helping them will also help you
  • The 5 killer advantages of a properly-crafted homeschool transcript
  • The 3 transcript pitfalls that can cripple your child's chances for college admission and scholarships.

Spots for this webinar are filling fast.  We have planned something really special for the people who attend this presentation, so make sure you sign up today to reserve your spot!!

Here are the details:

Title:"A Homeschooler Parent's Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts"
Date: Friday, January 16, 2014
Time:  8:00PM-9:PM Eastern Time/ 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific 

Space is limited.

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