Thursday, January 16, 2014

C-Span Video Clips with Vocab & Discussion Questions

NEW Bell Ringers - Video Clips with Vocab & Discussion Questions

Our Bell Ringers section continues to grow with a variety of new clips added this month. Featuring short video clips of C-SPAN programming, separated into thirteen categories that are commonly studied in social studies curriculums, each Bell Ringer contains a brief summary, key vocabulary terms, and related discussion questions. These Bell Ringer clips can be used to begin class, as an in-class activity, or as a homework assignment to introduce a new topic. However you use them, Bell Ringers will connect your students with real world examples of civics in action!
Do you have a suggestion for a Bell Ringer topic or have a favorite C-SPAN clip that you use when teaching? Let us know and we'll consider adding it to our archive of clips!
Recently added Bell Ringers:

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Resources

    To commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 20th, C-SPAN Classroom has aggregated a number of video resources to help your students learn more about the day, key events in his life, and his legacy related to the civil rights movement.
    Students can learn about the first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in a short vignette, explore the “One Life: Martin Luther King, Jr.” exhibit at the Smithsonian, as well as learn about the impact of his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”  They may also hear from Rep. John Lewis on MLK Jr. and the March on Washington and about the inclusion of young people in marches from Ahmad Ward at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

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