Monday, January 27, 2014

EMH Sports Nerf Dodgeball

Hello Parents and Guardians, 

We are offering another Bring a Friend day the first week of February. Once you sign up you can fill out our special form to get a free one day pass for your friend. Please read rules and details on the website. Your friend gets a free class and you get a bonus if they sign up!     

Nerf Dodgeball: Nerf Dodgeball is one of our most popular classes. This is a great cardio sport because of the jumping and dodging. The game also improves hand and eye coordination and quickness. The balls used in this sport are made of a spongy and light plastic material and pose no problem when coming into contact with the students. These lighter weight balls move slower through the air and are easier to dodge. 
We add several different sizes of ball and variations on the rules to keep it interesting and fun. The rules and regulations of the games will be discussed before each class. 855-213-4443 (Toll Free)  

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