Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 for ages 12+

The Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 is a fantastic writing program for students above gradeschool. Students of any age above 12 or so can master the Aristotelian persuasive method using this program. This is excellent preparation for college because it teaches the students three things: to have something important to say that is their own using classical tools, to organize their thoughts in the Aristotelian style using classical outlines, and to state their opinions convincingly using classical rhetoric.The program is rigidly structured so that reluctant writers can be assured of success, and so that confident writers can train their brains to master Aristotelian persuasion. You can learn more about the program at

Ideally, this is a parent participation program, in which you, the parent-teacher, attend class with your student, listen as the students discuss a short story or assigned book with one another, and take notes as the students work through the Aristotelian process in class. Then at home, you can choose to repeat the process using the same book as discussed in class, or any other reading material of your choosing. Each week new skills are added to the process so that students memorize the method and build slowly to a complete Aristotelian persuasive essay. If you cannot attend with your child, accommodations can be made.

The cost is $200 per semester (September through December and January through May). I am expecting to become a vendor for South Sutter by the beginning of the Fall semester. Please ask about sibling discounts and cash payee discounts.

We will meet at 3:00 at Victory Baptist Church, 8089 Madison Avenue, Suite #6 Citrus Heights, California 95610

Tracy Thomas

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