Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hands in Motion Classes

Hands in Motion is still accepting registration for our classes.  See some of our exciting learning opportunities below:

Calif. Missions/Gold Rush (Grades 4-6)  
  “Let’s Strike it Rich!”
Come explore California’s history with us.  This class is designed for the hands on learner that wants to build and create while learning. We will start with a study on California’s missions:  their designs and purpose.  Each student will create and build his/her own mission project using wood, Styrofoam, and various recyclables to take home.  We will then study the exciting era of the Gold Rush:  Designing and constructing a river flow of gold.   The class will culminate in a Gold Rush celebration with panning for gold for everyone to strike it rich..  Eureka!!!
                    **Targets State Standards for California History**

Code Busters (Grades 4-8)   
Learn math “through the back door”…Come explore codes used throughout the ages….from Thomas Jefferson’s Cipher wheel to the Morse code that was vital to war time communications.  We will learn about different codes and ciphers- how to make them, how to break them, and how they changed history.  Have you ever dreamed of designing a cipher that is “unbreakable”, or of working against time to break a secret code, or trying to create the perfect invisible ink? Then this class is for you.  So bring your journal, imagination, and cloak but leave your dagger at home as we explore the world of mysteries together.
**Targets Math Standards and Mathematical Reasoning**

Jr. Carpentry:  (Grades 3-8)  
Get to math skills through the back door.  In this class students will practice measuring, plotting, graphing, arithmetic, geometry, and dimensions.... but they will be focusing on building their very own take-home project....not the math. Tool safety and instruction will be emphasized for such tools as a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, saw, router, drill, and various others.  We will take ideas, learn how to draw and plan them out, and then have the skills to create them. We start with raw wood materials to make individualized wood projects. Students learn how to measure and calculate angles creating a blue print design for their project.  They will then measure, cut, assemble, paint, stain, and engrave their very own projects to take home.
**Targets Standards for Art and Math**

We also have Lego,Volleyball, Tennis, and 
All Sports PE
See our website for schedule and registration

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Cash and Family Discounts Available

Classes Held at Valley Christian Academy
301 W. Whyte Ave.
Roseville, CA

Hands in Motion
Homeschool Enrichment
(916) 412-4331

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