Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids Care Club - Fridays - Free - Age 10-17 - Roseville/Citrus Heights

SHARE (Sacramento Homeschoole Activities, Resources, and Events) is sponsoring a Kids Care Club and we would love to have you join us. Kids Care is a national organization and we will be forming a local club under their national umbrella.
Kids Care Clubs are designed to give kids the opportunity to come together to perform acts of service, either locally or on a broader scale. The Kids Care organization provides many ideas for projects and activities. The kids in our club can decide to participate in those projects or they can decide to work on projects or causes that are important to them.
The kids who join this club will determine the direction that it takes. They will be working together to decide what types of causes and organizations they will support and they will brainstorm ideas for fundraisers or other ways in which they can be of service.

A couple of the parents will serve as advisors to this club, but the majority of the decision making will be done by the kids. They will be sharing ideas, voting on how to proceed, and working to implement the plans they make.
This club will be open for kids ranging from age 10 to 17.

This club will hold weekly meetings, but they may also meet at other times in order to hold fundraisers and perform acts of community service.
The weekly meetings will be held on Fridays, either in the Citrus Heights or Roseville area. If you are interested in participating in this club, please email me directly with the names and ages of your children, your available meeting times, and your preferred meeting location (Citrus Heights/Roseville).
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