Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Science Class for grades 6th-8th.

Hello Fellow Homeschoolers,

I am hosting a science class every other Wednesday in my home for homeschoolers in grades 6th-8th.
The class will be taught by another fellow homeschooling mom, Vanessa Dunne. If you are not familiar with her she is an amazing teacher with a degree in science. The time frame for the class is 12p-2p. Class would begin early October.
The class agenda has not bee finalized yet, but the lessons will focus on some aspect of life science, chemistry, or physical science. Hands on activities with labs included! This class is fun but it does require participation and in class work.  I did this last year with Vanessa and the kids loved it!

 If your child is in the 5th grade and you think they are mature enough for the class I will allow them to participate (also if you have a 9th grader who needs lab experience). I currently have three families interested. I can take up to 12-14 kids max.

If you are interested, please email me directly at for more details.

Rissa Scott

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