Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Writing Classes

Online Writing Enrichment Classes for Homeschoolers

Class lessons are posted online weekly with assignments due the following week which allows students to work around their own busy schedules! And because learning isn't a one dimensional process, Online Scribblers classes offer a variety of learning activities to captivate different learning styles. Students will journal, complete both written and reading lessons, and complete a longer writing assignment due weekly. In addition, learning check points are provided to let students know when they are on the right track.

Each week, the instructor personally comments, critiques, and works with students to develop individual writing goals and processes based on the work submitted. Success will be based on individual improvement rather than competing with other student work. 

Class sizes are limited so that there can be adequate one on one communication between student and instructor.

Each course runs 8 weeks and costs just $129.

Online Fall Classes are registering now!
Session Begins October 23rd

Techniques of Creative Writing: Grades 4-8
Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper: Grades 6-8
High School Academic Papers: Grades 9-12

For more information or to register visit and click on Online Classes

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