Saturday, February 18, 2017

Charlotte Mason Group Forming

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason was a 19th century educator who has a distinct understanding of children and how to give them a love for God, life and learning.  She believed in giving children a lively and varied education using “living books”, including the Bible, in her own style of Classical Education.

If you use any of Charlotte Mason’s teaching philosophy in your homeschool or are interested in learning more about her, let’s get together and chat!  My heart is to create a Charlotte Mason/Classical Education community for parents and children.  Ideally, this would involve book studies, get togethers and, possibly, classes.

Please email me if you are interested!

I am Nicole Legalsi and I have 6 children, 2 of whom have graduated and 4 of whom I am currently homeschooling.  I have been homeschooling off and on for about 16 years and have recently found great success in my own home using a combination of Charlotte Mason methodology and classical education.

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