Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Theory Class + Improv Band

NewSong Camp participants are still noting just how much they were impacted by the theory classes, ear training, and improvisation groups this winter.  These opportunities simply are not found through private lessons and other year-round ensembles, but they are essential for complete development of any singer/instrumentalist.  We have seen that there is a need to continue these studies NOW to build on camp's foundation and welcome in new people, so we are providing an altogether new opportunity this spring . . .

Theory Class + Improv Band
Sundays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, 2/9 - 4/6
Purewind Studio, Loomis

For all instruments and voices
Experience prerequisite: Comfortable using major, minor, and chromatic scales

What you will learn over the 9-week course:
- Training the ear for chords and rhythms
- Understanding all chord suffixes and voicings
- Following complex chord charts and improvising harmonies or melodies off them
- Writing your own chord charts
- Using your instrument/voice as a tool to convey what you hear in your head or copy what others have played
- Blending dynamically with a small band

Instructors:  Daniel Enrico & Danika Gooch

Cost: $90 total for 9 weeks

Registration:  Please sign up by Feb. 1 at this link:http://www.purewindstudio.com/Theory-Class---Improv-Band.html
With any questions, call (916) 768-2342 or reply to this email.

Feel free to spread the word to fellow musicians!


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Danika Gooch
Purewind Studio

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