Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ranger Bruce January Adventures!

 Call or email to make a reservation. 725-3636 or sparky3777@gmail.com


image002.gifJanuary 8th - State Capital Tour - Sacramento - Bruce will take you on a special deluxe tour of the capital. We will walk around all 3 levels and see the House and Senate chambers. I will teach you about our government and how it works. Time – 10:00 – 12:00 (No building fees – Parking meters or garage available) Costs - $35.00 per family - meet on the EAST steps of the capital. That’s the steps with the sun shining on them. Bruce will have a green clipboard so you can identify him. He will also show you the tree that went to the moon. No kidding, it really did. Did you know Abraham Lincoln was President when the capital was started? Come join me and learn about God’s government.

image007.gifJanuary 15th – Sharpen up Your Mountain Man Skills – Howdy partners.Would you like to learn skills that the trappers and mountain men used? You can sit with Ranger Bruce and make fire with flint & steel, load a flintlock, set traps, and much more. Bruce will be dressed as a mountain man and teach you all kinds of new stuff. We have furs, pelts, knives and all the great things that boys like. So, Moms, sign your boys up to take this class and they will cook your dinner that night. Ha! Also the Jedediah Smith Story will be told. The first Christian mountain man/Trapper to come to California in 1826. Place – Ranger Bruce’s backyard. (Get directions when you sign up) Time – 10:00 – 11:30 - Cost $35.00 per family

January 22th – California History - Tour Coloma (God’s Mighty Hand in California History) - Miner Bruce will show you Coloma (the gold discovery site) where the first gold was discovered. Much of this is a walking tour – a 2 hour adventure back in time to 1848. It all started here, back in 1848, when James Marshall found the first gold nuggets and the gold rush was on. Coloma wasn't even on a map, but now it is. Thousands of men from around the world began to arrive in this quiet little town. Come join Bruce, and see what happened here and how life was for the people of Coloma. Bruce will take you on a tour of the complete town and explain what happened. Also do you know where all the gold went? I'll bet you will be surprised to know. Gold was being found at 5-6 million dollars a month, and it went some very special places. God had plans for the gold and used it for good. Time 10:00 -12:00 - Place – Coloma, California – Cost – 35.00 per family.  Meet in the parking lot next to the sawmill.

image008.gifJanuary 29th – Antarctica - God’s Creation That Powers the Earth – The coldest place on Earth is at the bottom of the planet. It gets much colder than at the North Pole. After the flood of Noah, the Earth tilted on its axis to 23 degrees. This was God’s plan to power the world and provide food and water for his creatures. Want to know how this happens? Come join Ranger Bruce and be amazed at what really goes on our planet. Scientists can now see by satellite, how Antarctica powers the world. Time – 10:00 – 11:30 – Place – Ranger Bruce’s home –Cost - $35.00 per family.  Call or email to make a reservation. 725-3636 or sparky3777@gmail.com

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