Tuesday, January 5, 2016

High School Drama - The Ambassadors Theater Company Taught by Jennifer Steward

DO you have a high schooler (or mature 8th grader) who would be interested in a drama class and being in a pla in the spring? Join "The Ambassadors Theater Company"

Course Offered: High School Drama - The Ambassadors Theater Company Taught by Jennifer Steward

Follow this link to register: http://www.inspirelearningacademy.com/    Classes start January 14th so register now

Call Jennifer with questions: 530-957-0975

Grade Level: 9-12  (Jr. High students MAY be considered depending upon maturity level)

End Goal: To put on a production

Possible Choices for Play to be Performed: Pride and Prejudice OR The Wizard of Oz

Course Description: This 15 week course will offer students a background in the history of drama, genre’s, historical setting, acting instruction, working with costumes and props, backstage work, and set design. The Theater Company will put on a production by the end of the semester.  

Fees: $325 semester 
(Please note: this fee covers the cost for my time both during class and the countless hours required in non- class time to direct and produce a play. As the director, when I am producing a play, I “live and breathe” the play!)

Auditions will be held to cast for parts- everyone will be guaranteed a part (of some kind) if they are in the class. 

NOTE: A minimum of 15 students is needed for a production. Class will be cancelled if minimum not met 

Theater Company Members - this consists of “Cast & Crew” . A successful production is dependent on a cohesive and committed team. Some of the cast can act as “crew” when not on stage. We will need a 6-8 people who are not in the cast to help with sound, backstage help, set changing etc. 

Cast Fee: $325 

Crew: We will need a crew of backstage helpers, props, set changing etc. Parents and older siblings will be asked to volunteer

Class Time: 2 hours (1 day per week) Thursdays from 2:30 - 4:30 (sometimes 5:00)
NOTE: ILA classes are out at 3:30 but our class will extend past school hours. Those who register for the class will be required to stay for the entire class time. 

Additional Costs: add approximate cost of $20 - $40 per character for costuming. Some characters have more than one costume depending on part.

Sets and Props: $200- $300 ( We will either fund raise to meet these expenses or I will pay for materials and then be reimbursed from ticket sales income)

Homework: Memorizing Lines - 2-3 hours per week

Additional Practice: The two hours per week for 15 weeks class time will not provide enough time for producing a quality play, so there will be additional times needed for play practice. This is TBA, by my best guess, at this time, will be that on top of our class time, we will need to meet 5 additional times most likely on alternate dates (possibly a longer session after school or on Saturdays) We will also need to arrange 1-2 Saturdays for working on sets.)

The play will be performed for 3 nights in a row in the Spring. There will be at least one dress rehearsal the night before the first performance. 

Work Days - families should plan on volunteering 1-2 Saturdays to work on sets 

ILA Fund Raiser - Putting on a production and presenting to our families and community is a great experience that I believe every high schooler should have! Ticket sales income will go to ILA to benefit our student community. 

My Experience: As the Director for The Ambassadors Theaters Company, I have produced and director many plays over the past several years. These would include classics like: The Wizard of Oz, Little Women, A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice and Fiddler on the Roof. I have also written the play / Christmas program for our church called Night at the Shopping Mall and been involved in developing sets for other plays. I have a wide experience with sewing and designing costumes as well.

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