Sunday, January 31, 2016

Piano Lessons in Rocklin

Piano Lessons (1-3)
Why Learn Piano?
These piano lessons taught by Hannah Yeager, a homeschooled senior, are an easy way for young people to learn how to play a very influential instrument in the music world. Almost every instrument branches from the fundamentals of the piano and learning to read music, play chords, and, eventually, learn how to stylize and write your own music.
What will the students learn to do?
Level 1: Students will learn how to play songs using chords. They will learn to sing as they play, allowing them to learn tempo and some of the basics of music theory.
Level 2: Students will now transition into reading sheet music. The knowledge of finger placement, key names, and tempo will be needed to excel in this level. Students will learn how to read and play sheet music, learn the meanings of note script, and learn what the pedals on the piano do. (If the student is using a keyboard then they will learn how to use the pedal that comes with the keyboard). 
Level 3: Students will learn more complicated sheet music and will now be learning new songs in both chord script and piano music script. What they learn will then translate into writing their own song that they will write using both chords and sheet music. 
For thirty minutes: $20
For forty five minutes: $30
For one hour: $40
At our home in Rocklin
1921 McKinley ST
Rocklin CA 95765
I can also make arrangements to meet at your home if you live in the Rocklin or Roseville area.
If interested, contact Hannah at cell # 916-295-0270  or e-mail

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