Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Star Children's Theatre

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My name is Kayla Hendry and I'm the Director of the New Star Children's Theatre located in Folsom and Fair Oaks, CA. (And soon to be Midtown Sacramento) 

New Star is a children's theatre company that offers kids the chance to participate in full length productions as well as smaller classes. We focus on not only enhancing the children's performance abilities (In singing,  dancing and acting) build their confidence levels,  memorization skills,  ability to work as a team,  friendship building,  etc. 

We will be offering homeschool classes this fall at the Folsom Sports Complex and i was wondering if there was anyway we could advertise to your families.  Either through an activity guide,  email blast or post on a website/ facebook page.  

You can find more information about us at 

Thank you for your time and any information you can give me. I look forward to speaking more. 

Kayla Hendry

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