Monday, July 31, 2017

Free Forest School/ Auburn Area

Hello! I'm searching for fellow nature loving and free-play loving families with young children (0-6). I am an Auburn mom of a 3 year old and was looking for nature free type play with friends for my daughter so I teamed up with a fellow mom to start a local Free Forest School group for Placer County. Free Forest School is a volunteer run non profit organization. I will be facilitating weekly Free Forest School within 20 min or less of Auburn on Thursday mornings at 9:40am. Generally, the location will stay the same, and change seasonally, but remain not to far from Auburn. Sarah Palmore, co-director, will be facilitating Free Forest School closer to Roseville area, on Monday mornings beginning in September. My group has already begun and is meeting weekly, currently at Weimar Institute Trails. Details of location are in the event. If you are at all interested, Please join us here! I've also attached a FAQ of Free Forest School.

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