Monday, July 17, 2017

Creative Goal Setting Class / Jr & Sr High / Auburn / Thursdays 11am (SCOPE/CHEA is FREE!)

Only 5 more spaces available!

(For more information, please contact Michelle Potter at (530) 320-1882 or

"Goal Setting is a tool to assist you in deliberately choosing your consequences. Successful people have successful habits. Goal setting is a key habit to have and creates momentum for a full, successful life." - Michelle Withers at
CLASS DESCRIPTION: This is an elective course, focusing on the life skill and personal development of creative goal setting.  Along with classroom lecture time, discussions, video clips, personal brainstorming sessions, and optional supplemental reading & viewing materials, students will utilize the goal setting activities & mental exercises provided in their individual workbooks. Students will be presented with the opportunity to learn research skills, ask for what they want, how to set goals, write an outline, follow action steps, set deadlines, basic time management, prioritization & sacrifice, become self-motivated, overcome fears of failure and/or success, work through blocked thought processes, and make habit and attitude adjustments. This class is more about the ongoing process than specific goal achievement. All topics will be presented with, and all discussions will be facilitated based on, a conservative Christian worldview.
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** SCOPE, FACHE, or CHEA Subscribers qualify for a free scholarship. Email or text me for details.

Michelle Potter
Phone: (530) 320-1882

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