Thursday, April 13, 2017

College Planning Resource

Below, please find  information regarding a college planning resource that your home school community may find helpful.  Please pass on this information to your membership. Thank you!


Dear Home Educator,
College planning can be one of the most confusing aspects of home education.  In fact, some homeschool families stop home education in high school because they are specifically concerned about the college planning process. The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions is a week-by-week, step-by-step, hands-on curriculum that directs students through the practical steps of college planning by seeking God’s purpose. It is a practical, manageable guide that can easily be incorporated into home education so that homeschooled students are fully prepared to meet both the requirements and the deadlines of the college application process.
 Topics include “how to” lessons and assignments dealing with:
  • ·      exploring interests and college majors
  • ·      developing college criteria
  • ·      building a college list
  • ·      researching schools
  • ·      preparing for standardized tests
  • ·      planning school visits
  • ·      developing an activities resume
  • ·      talking to admissions representatives
  • ·      considering meaningful summer activities
  • ·      writing college essays
  • ·      filling out the FAFSA
  • ·      finding outside scholarships
  • ·      practicing time management
  • ·      AND much more.
The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions gives students, counselors, and parents a roadmap for both the practicalities and principles of college planning.  Designed to start the summer prior to the student’s junior year , every lesson incorporates a proactive assignment that keeps the student on track with the college planning process (“In the World”), but more importantly, it includes a meaningful devotional and a memory verse that directly correlates with the week’s lesson (“But Not of It”).  (Note: If your student is further along on his academic track, e.g., already a high school junior, you CAN still utilize this book, but the timetable will need to be accelerated.)
The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions is intentionally designed to start students early so they will take responsibility for the college planning process and avoid the college admissions frenzy.  By breaking down the college planning process into weekly, manageable tasks, students become motivated, focused, and empowered as they seek a school that facilitates God's purpose for their lives.  Parents are included in the planning so they do not become stressed regarding their student’s college plans.
The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions is consumable, affordable (less than $10 each), and sold on in two editions:  The Junior Edition (52 lessons), which focuses on college planning and The Senior Edition (52 lessons), which focuses on college admissions and the transition to college. Both editions are required to successfully complete the college planning process.
 Below, please find three sample lessons.  Click on the PDF document to read the attachment in its entirety.   
The Christian’s Guide to College Planning engages students in the college planning process and enables families to take responsibility for their future—with God at the heart of that future. By incorporating The Christian’s Guide to College Planning into your high school curriculum, families become proactive in the college planning process.
Please find the Amazon order links below for the Junior Edition and the Senior Edition of The Christian's Guide to College Admissions.  Remember, you need BOTH books for a complete curriculum.
I appreciate your consideration regarding this one-of-a-kind, faith-based college planning curriculum.  If you have any questions regarding how to use it, please feel free to give me a call at the number below. In the meantime, I wish you the very best as you continue to minister and serve your students. 
(Additional Note: Occasionally, adjustments in the college planning procedure are made by the “powers that be,” such as when the US Department of Education changed the FAFSA procedure in 2017 to an October 1st start date and the use of a 2-year-prior tax return. In 2018, one of the major changes is expected to be the availability of standardized tests during summer months. The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions is designed to maintain its effectiveness even within a changing educational environment.)

In His Service, 

Glenda Durano, Certified Educational Planner
Author, The Christian's Guide to College Admissions
Professional Member, IECA
(505) 918-7669

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