Sunday, June 12, 2016

Elevate Speech and Debate Club

FYI.  Contact Elvie with any questions:

Amy Middleton and I are excited to announce that, in August, we will be kicking off a brand new speech and debate club that meets in our neck of the woods (between Folsom and Cameron Park - Location TBD). Please check out our very basic web page to find out what the excitement is about and how you can learn more,

Here is a brief word from Andrew Pudewa on why he fell in love with the program:
"If you have never been to a speech and debate tournament before, I will tell you point-blank you are missing one of the greatest, most inspiring, truly awesome things happening on the planet. Imagine a hundred or more students professionally dressed, profoundly excited about standing in front of peers and judges, arguing for changes in medical malpractice law in an articulate and knowledgeable way, while practicing in between debate rounds persuasive or dramatic speeches for competition. Now, I must confess I am somewhat of a pessimist by nature and often find the world situation somewhat bleak, but going to that first tournament actually gave me hope for our world in a way I had never before experienced. I saw and heard these young men and women preparing themselves with the writing, speaking, teamwork, and leadership skills so desperately needed in our world today—they were in many ways demonstrating the best of the educational world as I knew it. I was profoundly inspired."

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