Sunday, June 12, 2016

45 Minute Essay Writing Workshop , July 27-28

45 Minute Essay Writing Workshop

This class is focused towards standardized testing essay requirements, like for the SAT, ACT, and AP English tests, and helps prepare students for that specific portion of the test. 
Writing a well thought through essay can be hard enough without the time restraints and, when given these time restraints, many students end up not doing their best because they feel rushed. This class is designed to give students confidence when given a timed essay test and will definitely help with standardized testing timed essays. 

Day by Day Outline:

Day one
   Go over how to outline in five minutes or less
   How to write a well thought through thesis statement in two to three minutes
   How to effectively write the essay
   How to quickly review and edit with the time left over

Day two
   Mock timed essay (45 minutes)
   Go over essay in class
   Talk about scoring

Dates: July 27-28
Time : 9-11 am
Cost: $50 per student

Contact Hannah Yeager
Call 916-295-0270 or email

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