Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Essay Writing Intensive May 16 - 20th, Rocklin

Essay Writing Intensive

Workshop Overview:
Each day will consist of a class time of 3 hours so that each student will get an hour to learn how to affectively approach each focus essay (Basic five paragraph essay, Comparison, Persuasive, Argumentative, and Research essays), one hour to outline and prep for that night’s essay, and then time to ask questions and start actually writing the essay. 
Each day will be outlined as previously stated. However, there will be a need for time on each day, other than the first day, for essay review. Essay review is in place so that each student can grow from their mistakes, their peer’s mistakes, and even what they have each done exceptionally well. 
Also there is the question, how will students finish a research paper in that short amount of time? I will have the students start the research portion of it on the first day and they will be working on that throughout the week. On the last day, which is the day we will be focusing on research essays, we will go over how to effectively write a research paper and they will write it in class and then do a peer review.  
Day by Day Breakdown:
Day One: Basic Five Paragraph Essay
-        Basic intro paragraph elements
-        Basic first, second, and third body paragraphs
-        Go over MLA format
-        Outlining basics
Homework: Essay one – Research Paper one
Day Two: Comparison Essay
-        Basic ways to analyze stories/ literature
-        How to come up with main points
-        Go over plans A and B for Body paragraphs
-        How to outline for this essay
Homework: Essay two – Research Paper two
Day Three: Persuasive Essay 
-        Topics they can choose from
-        Go over a sample essay for format
-        Go over outline
-        Go over ways to format
Homework: Essay three – Research Paper three
Day Four: Argumentative Essay
-        How to develop the argument (pre-writing)
-        Organizing the essay itself
-        Writing the other side of the argument
-        Outlining and formatting 
Homework: Essay four – start Essay five
Day Five: Research Essay
-        Go deeper into researching the topic itself
-        How to format and write the research paper itself
-        Work cited page (MLA) 
Homework: NONE!

Details Overview:
Ages: 12-17
Dates: May 16 – May 20
Session one: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 
Session two: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
(Please choose only one session)
Place: 1921 McKinley Street Rocklin, CA 95765
Cost: $125 
Materials: Three ring binder, loose college ruled paper, red black and blue pens, and a pencil

Contact Info:
Hannah Yeager
Phone (text is fine): 916-295-0270

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