Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kingdom Builder Books Summer and Fall 2016 Schedules!

Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 schedule is out!!!

All of your favorite core classes are back: Writing, Literature, Science, History, Math, Spanish.  We offer a huge selection of electives: Sewing, Chess, Art, Lego and much more!

We are adding some NEW classes.  This fall we are introducing new math classes, Saxon math 6/5 and Saxon math 7/6. These two math classes are for upper elementary to early Jr High students.  Ask us if you need placement help.

We are also adding an  Introductory Speech class for elementary.  If we have interest enough, we will be adding a JR/High school speech.  A Geography class for elementary has been added to our Monday Schedule.

For High School to Adult we are adding a Bible Theology class.  It will be taught by our own Mr. Denna who has his doctorate in Theology.

To ensure academic excellence and mastery we are expanding each semester by 1 week, making each semester 16 weeks.  This will give us 32 weeks to cover the curriculum, and ensure that they have enough time to master the information!  This will include all classes, so the elective classes will be one more week of fun!

Summer 2016

The Summer Schedule is out!

What's new?
We have added Biology to our summer schedule.  We will cover the entire Apologia Biology curriculum and lab.
We are also adding  Pre-Algebra and Algebra Workshop class. This will help those students going into Pre-Algerbra or Algebra master those areas that are still weak and provide extra review.
We are offering  Speech for ages 8 and up and 12 and up.

Early Bird Discount!

Pay in full for your classes with cash or check by June 30th and receive a 5% discount.


  1. Hi. I lead a support group for families with children with special needs. Many of our members are very interested in homeschooling their children. Would you or any of your members like to share your homeschool experience at one of our meetings? We'd really appreciate it. Thank you for your consideration. Pam Viray, our meeting on homeschooling is on March 26th, 4;30 at Round Table in Natomas

  2. Hi Pam! I will forward your question to our leadership team and let you know! Thanks for considering us!