Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Writing Tutor

Writing Tutor for Ages 11 - 17
My Information:
Hannah Yeager
Cell #: (916) 295-0270
(Texting is preferred. If you send a text please include your name, so that way I know who is sending the text. Thank you J ) 

For Ages 11-13
I would go over every kind of essay and the format for each, the different ways to write a thesis and go over the general five paragraph essay as well. 
Also I would begin to do some peer editing. I would teach them to edit their own papers as well as editing them myself. I would also go over how to properly outline.
For Ages 14- 17
I would do the same as listed above, as I see fit depending on how advanced they are in writing, but I would also focus mostly on writing college essays in under forty five minutes. I believe that writing a five paragraph essay timed is a skill that everyone should obtain. 
I would definitely use the same editing program listed before; however, I would edit their essays more according to their skill level and what they are doing in their own writing programs. 

I am okay with meeting:
-        Once a month
-        Twice a month
-        Once a week
-        Twice a week
(More than that will probably not be needed)

1 Hour -> $30 
Price reduction if additional hours are needed

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