Tuesday, October 27, 2015

EMH PE Softball/Baseball is Starting Soon!

PE Softball/Baseball is a great sport because it’s a contest of skill. Unlike many other sports, which are contests of strength or pure athleticism, this sport depends on the ability to perform specific tasks (hitting a ball, throwing a ball, sliding into a base).
EMH instructors will not only teach your child/children the basic skills and rules of the game, but also make learning it a joyful experience for them. You see, we want them to play the sport not only for the upcoming month, but also for many years to come.
Sessions will focus on:
  1. Every child having a chance to hit the ball and run the bases.
  2. Learning the positions.
  3. Being and playing safe. Instructors will use “softballs” for older groups and “whiffle” balls for Prek-K.
  4. To help develop and foster character maturity by having students learn how to compete and to cooperate in a team setting.
All equipment is provided, but if your child has their own helmet, bat and glove, they are welcome to bring them.  Just make sure that their name is on each item.
Reminder: Thursday and Friday PE classes will start October 29 and 30th for the first softball session.
The cost for November is $28 per child (4 one hour sessions). This sport is coed and is appropriate for all students grades PreK-12th. Payment, POs, and vouchers must be in place before the start of the first class session to avoid any deposits or late fees. Questions: customerservice@emhsports.com 855-213-4443 ext. #3 www.emhsports.com
Julian Wells
EMH Sports

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