Thursday, October 3, 2013

Private School Affidavit Filing Due October 1-15

It is time for all private schools to file the Private School Affidavit.  All new and existing private schools must file this form between October 1st and 15th.  

There are a few minor changes on the PSA form, but have no fear, CHN has a helpful line by line tutorial to guide you effortlessly through the filling out process!

Remember - only file the PSA if your children are already enrolled with your private school.  If the child is in a charter school, public school or another private school, do not fill out this form.  If the child will be enrolled in your private school at a later date - anytime after October 15th - you will submit the form at that time, not before.

October 1-15, 2013

is the Private School Affidavit filing period

You can find the PSA on the CDE website at this link:

CHN has put together a line-by-line sample to help you file your PSA

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