Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Music Classes at Studio B Sharp

Shari Gueffroy
B Sharp Music Studio
3000 Freeport Blvd, Suite 5, Sacramento, CA 95818
Violin class (group) - Tuesday or Thursday morning
Piano class (group) - Thursday and Friday morning
Piano Readiness Class - Friday morning
Kindermusik Classes for families - Tuesday at 9:15, Tuesday at 5:30
Kindermusik Classes for Babies - Tuesday at noon, Wednesday at 9:30
Kindermusik Classes for Toddlers - Tuesday at 10:00, Wednesday at 10:30
Kindermusik Classes for Preschoolers - Tuesday at 4:00
African Drumming on Thursday afternoons - multiple times after 3:00

My phone number is 916-320-2730

Private lessons are $90 per month (1-30 minute lesson per week, plus a group lesson on the last Friday of the month, more like a music party).

Group lessons and piano readiness are $50 per month (1-30 or 45 minute lesson per week, time is based on the age of the children participating and the number of children in the group)

Kindermusik classes - Grand Opening Special Pricing - $55 per month through December. 1-45 minute class per week with a set of digital home materials per family.  Sibling discount - if the siblings are enrolled in the same class, the second child's cost is $20, if different classes, the discount would be 20% of the 2nd child's tuition.

African Drumming and Rhythm (taught by Mr. Sunny…also wonderful) is $60 per month for group classes.  Classes are 45 minutes, once per week.

I'm having great referral incentives right now, too!

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