Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tutoring Services

Mobile Tutoring by Arden Moseley
I graduated Valedictorian of Freedom Christian School in Fair Oaks in June 2013.
(2013 Terranova (SAT) results indicated a “high mastery” level in reading, vocabulary, language, language me-chanics, mathematics, science, social studies, and spelling, as well as a “proficient” (solid mastery of biblical facts and principles with a firm understanding of how to apply them) knowledge in Bible.)

 English
 Vocabulary/Language mechanics
 Social Studies
 Math (up to Trigonometry)
 Science (including/up to Chemistry & Physics)
 History

Annette Coller: annettecoller@gmail.com
Helen Demas: hmdemas@hotmail.com
Audrey Gould: amgould46@gmail.com

$15 an hour
(Multiple Student Discount offered)

Please call or email:
Arden Moseley
8621 Kingdale Avenue
Orangevale, CA 95662
Mobile: 916.955.6712

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