Tuesday, December 17, 2013

AGAPE Learning Center/Inspire Learning Academy Schedule

Greetings from AGAPE Learning Center, (soon to be called Inspire Learning Academy).  We are just wrapping up our first semester of classes at Lincoln Christian Life Center in Lincoln, and that means second semester classes are posted and filling fast.  However, with over 50 different classes being offered by more than 12 teachers, there are still spaces available to enroll your students in.

PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE AT:  agapelearning.net  for class times and our full schedule.

For high school students:

Chemistry - Tuesday/Thursday lab and lecture
This class, taught by Dan Sirotzki, uses a combination of text books to give  students the option of staying in the science text book they are most comfortable with.  Dan is confident that all new students will be able to integrate and proceed forward with his current class completing the semester as a cohesive and knowledgeable class.

Geometry - Glenco text - working through chapters 8-16

Mixed Media Art - 5-12th grades - One day class on EITHER Tuesday or Thursday (please see website for times)
This class delivers on it's name! Students will gain confidence in their art skills and have fun creating with mixed media, ceramic clay techniques, surface decoration, plaster casting and repousee! The older grade section of this course will also contain a glass element.

The Logic class will focus primarily on informal logic, which includes various methods of evaluating arguments used in everyday life.  We will be learning to analyze arguments and spot logical fallacies.  We will use all kinds of games, activities and stories in class to learn these skills.  Very little homework will be required as most learning will take place in class. Recommended for grades 7-9.

Own your own faith: The last battle - 7th-12th grade
This class is for those seeking a better understanding of the heart and character of Jesus.  We will be reading, discussing, and comparing the C.S. Lewis book "The Last Battle", to the Bible.  We will be seeking a deeper faith, understanding, and relationship with our redeemer.


Elements of Drawing - 3rd-7th grades - Tuesdays (please see website for times)
No experience is necessary to jump into this class for second semester!  This class will be structured enough to foster achievement yet will always allow enough freedom to ensure creativity.

Language Arts - 5th-7th grades - Tuesday/Thursday
We will continue our practice of proper paragraph formation second semester.  We will also weave in grammar, vocabulary, and spelling to create a comprehensive study of language arts. Prepare for many laughs but only occasional homework in this 2 day a week class.

History Changers - 5th-7th grades - Tuesday/Thursday
We will investigate people throughout history who have made a positive impact on our nation and/or our world.  We look at explorers, inventors, politicians, and more discovering what sort of character it requires to become people who change the world. Students write reports on their chosen figures, and also create projects in class as a group. 

Language Arts - 3rd-5th grade - Tuesday/Thursday
Entering second semester we will continue working to improve our paragraph structuring, identifying different genre's of writing, and entering the wonderful world of cursive.  Reader response assignments such as identifying parts of speech, main characters, plots, etc. will also be included. 

For additional information we encourage you to see our website at agapelearning.net or please send your questions to michelleb@agapelearning.net.


Michelle Bigelow

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