Sunday, July 24, 2016

California Voice Academy

From another group:

"I have been talking with the awesome owner of the NEW Voice Academy singing program in Roseville and she has kindly agreed to offer a free singing class and information session to our homeschoolers. 

This first class will be a great way to check out their facility, meet the instructor and learn about they great new group classes they are offering homeschoolers. They are a vendor for several charters, and I am sure if yours is not one of them they will work with you to become a vendor. 

These classes are so new that they are not on the website yet, but here is the tentitive schedule, class description and pricing info- 

Weekly Pop Vocal Classes 
Tuesday 2pm-3pm
Thursday 2pm-3pm

Cost: $75/singer (6 minimum, 10 maximum)

This class will be focused on Vocal technique and stage performance. Each class will consist of vocal scales and warm-ups, as well as stage performance on our in-house stage. Singers will also learn microphone technique and basic music theory. Every 8 weeks this class will have a showcase so singers can show friends and family what they have learned! 

Musical Theatre Class:
Wednesday's 1pm-2pm

Cost:$75/singer (6 minimum, 10 maximum)

This class is perfect for kids who love musical theater, or would love to learn the art! This class focuses on acting and musical theater singing, while teaching them how to emote and block a scene on stage! 
It'll be a lot of fun!

All classes will be held at Voice Academy, 214 Douglas Blvd in Roseville CA, 95678.

for questions or to sign up for classes please contact Sara at "

Address214-A Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678

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