Thursday, November 19, 2015

Star of Bethlehem Presentation

On Dec 18th, Ranger Bruce will tell you about this famous star. The wise men followed it until it took them to the King of Kings. Come join many homeschool families and learn why they were so excited. The wise men knew that something very special was going to happen. These men were the wisest of the wise and understood the meaning of the stars.  They didn’t want to miss the sign noted in the prophecies, of the great virgin born son of the sovereign God. And behold, they found the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They found HIM! What exactly was the sign, the wise men saw in the east? They understood the significance of the signs that the Lord God Creator had placed in the heavens. Now you can learn what they knew and know why they made this journey across the desert. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy” Matt. 2:10-11 - And you can almost hear them say,   “BEHOLD, HE COMETH” Come join in and listen to the story of a savior that was to come. It’s written in the stars above us to see every night. The heavens really do declare this glory. Cost $35.00 per family. The Star of Bethlehem study guide will be available also. Written by Ranger Bruce - Cost – $10.00. Reserve your spot by calling 916-725-3630 or email  This class is packed every year so make those reservations early and payments to Ranger Bruce. Payments for classes can be made at Ranger Bruce’s web site using PayPal

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