BHN Field Trip Policy 2016/2017

Field Trips are reserved for current members of the Bayside Homeschool
Network (BHN). If you would like to participate in field trips, please make sure
you have registered and paid your dues for this academic year.
Field trips are offered to current members of BHN on a first come, first served
basis. Once a field trip reaches the maximum allowed for each trip, it is FULL.  Often times families will unable to go at the last minute and will post their tickets to Facebook.  This is a first come, first serve opportunity to secure spaces for that field trip.

Spaces for field trips will be held ONCE payment has been received.
Field trip spaces will be sold until the field trip reaches capacity OR the deadline
has been reached. Payment for field trips will NOT be accepted after the
deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DO NOT under any circumstances contact a business directly to request
adding on to a field trip after a BHN deadline. We work very hard to
maintain a positive relationship with businesses that work with us to offer
field trips. Members calling and asking for special accommodations
reflects poorly on our group and can damage the potential of future field
trips with that business.

We are unable to offer refunds or credits for field trips/events. If for some reason
you are unable to attend an event, the money paid will be placed in the BHN
General Fund.

Field trips can be paid for by cash, check, or PayPal (you must add 3%, +$0.30 to cover the PayPal fees).

Cash: Exact change can be given to Carrie Carlson at park days,
encouragement nights, or delivered to 1526 Carbury Way, Roseville. Cash must
be submitted in an envelope with your name, field trip, and number of people.

Checks: Must be made out to Carrie Carlson and mailed to 1526 Carbury Way,
Roseville, CA 95747. Include a note that indicates the field trip and number of

PayPal: Send payment to, choose the option to pay for "Goods and Services".  You must calculate and add 3%, +$0.30 to your field trip total to cover the PayPal fees.  We no longer have the option to select the "Friends and Family” option.  Leave a note indicating the field trip and number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: I bought field trip spaces and can no longer attend the trip. What
should I do?
A: Email for further instructions on how you can offer them up to the group.  BHN does not reimburse for field trips.

Q: The field trip has reached capacity, can you call and add a few more
A: No. Once a field trip has reached capacity it is FULL. Often times families will unable to go at the last minute and will post their tickets to Facebook.  This is a first come, first serve opportunity to secure spaces for that field trip.

Q: I have questions about the field trip, should I call the business directly?
A: No. Questions about BHN field trips should be directed to Bayside Homeschool Network. We work directly with a contact person for each field trip. Field trips are customized
to fit the needs of our group and general staff aren’t aware of the modifications
that have been made.

Q: The field trip is restricted to ____ ages. My child is a very mature ___
year old, can he/she attend?
A: No. Age limits are set by the companies we work with. When offering field
trips to our group, we follow their guidelines.

Q: Can I drop off my kids for a field trip?
A: Sometimes. Most of our field trips require a parent chaperone. There are
some field trips that have a drop off option. Check the field trip description to see
if a drop off option is available. You are always welcome to ask another member
of BHN to chaperone your children for a trip.

Q: Can I give my field trip spaces to a friend?
A: Yes. BUT the friend MUST be a member of BHN. Contact Bayside Homeschool Network to let us know who will be taking your place.

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